This blogpost is to let you know that there is a new introductory video about my research business, Gorry Research.  Maybe you’d like to take a look.  The one-minute ‘teaser’ is here and the full video (17 min.) will be found on the homepage of our website (just scroll down the page).

It’s a chance for potential clients to get a feel for our approach to genealogical research and for our current / recent / long term clients to get to know me better.  The video was made by a young film-maker, John Hughes of Parkmore Studios in Baltinglass.

Last year John directed a feature film in and around Baltinglass with a volunteer cast and crew.  Having started by helping out with practicalities, I progressed to being officially designated ‘co-producer’.  It was a lot of fun.  The film is currently in post-production.

Back to the introductory video about Gorry Research, do have a look.  Leave a comment here if you wish.  Feedback would be welcome.  If you have a research enquiry please email INFO at GORRY RESEARCH.


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