Just look at what arrived today, in the middle of Storm Agnes!

Back in December 2022, I posted about the demise of my book Baltinglass Chronicles, 1851-2001.  The last copies had been sold and it was now only available in the form of second-hand copies that might surface here and there.  I wasn’t pretending.  I had contacted The History Press, the firm that had taken over the original publishers, Nonsuch.  They were to review the situation but I thought I knew that there was no way they were going to do a new print run.  As far as I was concerned the book itself was now history.

Then, in January, I was surprised to receive an email saying that, yes, they were going to reprint it.  I was amazed!  Getting in touch with them, I learned that August 2023 was the projected birth date of the new arrival.  I more or less kept that to myself just in case it mightn’t happen.  In August I was told that author’s copies were being sent to me.  So, today, Storm Agnes brought them to me.  Anyone familiar with the book will note the new cover.

I’m sure the new-look book will be available in Veronica’s in Baltinglass soon, as well as on the Wicklow Marketplace and elsewhere online.  I’m quite happy to see it brought back to life.


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